Canadian made tough and durable

  • Insulated interlocking slat design with solid insulation inserts provide consistent density and complete insulating coverage which looks great and helps to conserve energy.
  • The durable structural angle guides and bottom bar stand up to abuse and can be easily repaired unlike rollformed or extruded designs.
  • Slats are available in Grey Prime, Tan Prime and Powder Coat from 180 standard colours.


Fire Rated Door

Bath repairs are a great way to spruce-up your home. Whether your bathroom needs new tile, shower, or tub, we are here to help!

Kitchen Repairs

Do you dream of cooking in a chef’s kitchen? Kitchen repairs are a great way to increase the value of your home, while bringing fun back into your kitchen’s style!

Outdoor Repairs

Garage door installation, roofing repairs, and minor aesthetic fixes are all within our wheel-well for outdoor repair services. Check-out a few of our featured works.

Indoor Home Repairs

Indoor home repairs help to keep your home highly functioning during any season. From plumbing issues to electrical problems to cosmetic fixes, we conduct a wide-array of indoor home repairs.